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Karina's Sparkle Boutique : ... Booth: 103

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Contact: Barb Di Persio
Company: Karina's Sparkle Boutique
Phone: 780-246-4029

Clarity Water Treatment: ... Booth: 104

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Contact: Sam Miller / Nicole Hanson
Company: Clarity Water Treatment
Phone: 306-500-7296

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The Oil Tree: Young Living Essential Oils Booth: 105
Young Living Essential Oils

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Company: The Oil Tree
Phone: 306-370-3924

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Pure Trim : Supplements Booth: 106

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Contact: Indira Hall
Company: Pure Trim
Phone: 306-221-0623

Healthy Energy Works : ... Booth: 107

Biopoulsar Reading As awareness deepens, bodily sensations provide feedback and guidance about every aspect of your life—from nurturing relationships to enhancing effectiveness at work. By acting on this information you can reduce stress, balance your life, and maximize your innate potential for health, creativity, and spiritual growth”

Contact: Karina Tomzczyk
Company: Healthy Energy Works
Phone: 403-813-3162

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Ion Effect Canada: Negative Ion Braclets Booth: 108
Negative Ion Braclets

Ion Effect Canada Bracelets - high quality guaranteed Negative Ion producing bracelets - containing four powerful minerals - Tourmaline, Neodymium Magnets, Far Infrared Ray, and Volcanic Ash
Our bracelets are helping relieve many health issues people suffer from today and come with a 45 day “Feel Good Guarantee”
More information available on our website below.

Contact: Carey & Glenda
Company: Ion Effect Canada

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Gathering of Natural Ways: Co-Create with Spirit as a Way of Life Booth: 117, 118
Co-Create with Spirit as a Way of Life



Development of your relationship with The All – The Source.

Enhance your abilities to make choices for the greater good of yourself and all concerned. Realize the Power of Choice and the Power of Intention.

You are guided to clear and balance energetic patterns and beliefs

To integrate universal truths

Increase your awareness, your intuition, your extrasensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience) and increase connection to your spirit guides/messengers – all those of the light; and only those that work with the Creator. Within all ancient cultural ways is the knowledge of the wheel of life, seven directions, and the elements of nature. Learn these ways to actualize qualities of wholeness.

Contact: Jo Lynn Spenceley
Company: Gathering of Natural Ways
Phone: 403-307-4226

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Essentially You : DoTerra Essential Oils Booth: 119
DoTerra Essential Oils

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Contact: Avrielle Simoneau
Company: Essentially You
Phone: 406-577-6174

Shuzi Canada: Jewellery For Health Booth: 120
Jewellery For Health

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Contact: Julie Sarrazin
Company: Shuzi Canada
Phone: 306-380-3964

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Original Energy Sales : IQ Massager Booth: 121
IQ Massager

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Contact: Lisa Leo
Company: Original Energy Sales
Phone: 780-760-0976

Rapid Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy: ... Booth: 122

Cynthia is an internationally certified counsellor and hypnotherapist with her office based in Saskatoon. After decades of professional teaching and counselling, Cynthia has added skills that take her hypnotherapy practice to a higher level of service for people seeking powerful and lasting change.

She works with adults and children on a wide range of issues such as achieving peak performance in sports, overcoming anxiety, reducing weight, recovering from sexual abuse, infertility, erectile dysfunction, addictions, and increasing school achievement. Research has shown that 90% of our self-limiting beliefs occur at the level of the subconscious, and we need to reprogram ourselves at all levels of consciousness if we want to achieve success.

Contact: Cynthia Fey
Company: Rapid Transformation Coaching & Hypnotherapy
Phone: 306-371-1959

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Serenity Circle: AEP Group Booth: 127, 128
AEP Group

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Contact: Arlene Steffen
Company: Serenity Circle
Phone: 306-260-6290

Crystal Clear 101 : Holistic Healing & Products Booth: 129
Holistic Healing & Products

Renowned Cosmic Earth Angel & Intuitive Expert, Angele Tousignant , conducts mediumship readings live to you from Spirit.

Angel is a highly gifted, multi-talented intuitive, healer, and giver. As a Reiki master, Angel is connected to her higher self and can effectively channel information while doing a reading. An event with Angele is unpredictable. Her friendly personality will instantly win you over and what will seal the bond is the way in which she delivers the messages with pure love, compassion, and often with the uncensored humor from Spirit. After-all, Angele is just the messenger, but who says the messenger can’t be fun.


Readings ,reiki treatments,crystals and crystal jewelry, crystal clear 101 sprays, body care products, organic foods, insense, smudge products...

Contact: Angele Tousignant
Company: Crystal Clear 101
Phone: 306-261-4086

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Voxxlife: Human Performance Technology Booth: 130
Human Performance Technology

Voxxlife proprietary socks and insoles with technology called HTP. (HUMAN PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY). These socks and insoles make a huge difference when running, walking, or exercising of any kind. If you have sciatica nerve issues, diabetes, planter fasciitis, knee pain or back pain, to mention a few, these will help.

There is research and proven science behind these products. Voxx HPT is proven to increase stability, balance and range of motion. Thereby giving the user improved mobility and quality of life. Whether navigating hiking trails or everyday tasks, users have optimal stability and mobility. This may reduce fall risk to seniors. The potential impact on overall health and wellness and pain management is almost immeasurable with Voxx HTP. 30 day money back guarantee.

Co-exhibitors: Cathy Farney, Trish Mills, Debbie Dovichak

Contact: Jenny Dovichak
Company: Voxxlife
Phone: 403-200-4996

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The Spirit Within Aura Photography : The Spirit Within Aura Photography Booth: 200
The Spirit Within Aura Photography

Come meet TheFae! Author, Photographer, Evolutionary Speaker TM and Spiritual Life and Business Coach! She will be present with her Sacred Bath Teas($15 each) and Life Altering Lessons all wrapped up in 15 minutes for $60!
The Spirit Within is a physical storefront in Airdrie Alberta that combines an eclectic array of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific principles. A place to have an intuitive reading done that is confirmed and backed with the science of biofeedback with the help of Aura Photography. Add an amazing Canadian crystal, Auralite23, to that and watch your chakras/energies actually come more into balance while you watch it working! We believe in your natural ability to create your own realities. Let us show you how! We will have plenty of this amazing crystal on hand for sale retail as well as wholesale as we are the official distributor for the one and only Cave of Wonders in Canada!
15 minute intuitive aura session for show only $60. Includes Aura Photo and as much intuitive information that we can pack into that time frame. 
See you there! 

Contact: Liane Pinel
Company: The Spirit Within Aura Photography
Phone: 1-587-892-8811

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Employed By Angels : ... Booth: 201

Kim Wuirch is the author of Waking Up An Empath and will be available to sign and sell copies of her book, as well as Empath starter kits as referenced in the book and talked about on Hayhouse radio.

Services include mini Chakra clearing and Timeline healing or you can choose to get a channeling g session and meet you guide!

Contact: Kim Wuirch
Company: Employed By Angels
Phone: 403-869-6056

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MySpray Therapuetics : ... Booth: 202

Product info:

MyShrooms Immunity

MyShrooms Immunity offers the synergistic effect of eight medicinal mushrooms, each containing complex, unique and specific compounds providing significant health benefits throughout the whole body.

MyPain LiniMint

MyPain LiniMint contains 80% DMSO and delivers the deepest tissue penetration available. It is 100% natural and provides unmatched pain relief from muscle strains, joint sprains, backaches & arthritis.

Vitamin B12 Energy

Vitamin B12 is essential for optimal health, well-being, performance, mood & energy. It is diverse with its function in the body from maintaining the nervous system, red blood cell production, energy metabolism & the proper functioning of our brain, heart, liver & kidneys.


Vitamin D3 is often called the “Sunshine Vitamin” & is produced naturally by the body when stimulated by sunlight. Vitamin D3 regulates calcium & phosphorus absorption which plays a vital role in preventing osteoporosis. It is essential to a healthy immune system & may help regulate blood sugar, blood pressure & mood as a pro-hormone.

Contact: Nick Martinuik
Company: MySpray Therapuetics
Phone: 306-563-4123

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Jabsheeda Herbs: ... Booth: 203

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Contact: Joher Khalad
Company: Jabsheeda Herbs
Phone: 780-655-4375

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Organo Gold : ... Booth: 204

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Contact: Sonia Matthias
Company: Organo Gold
Phone: 306-386-7862

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Mazel S Products: Dead Sea Cosmetic, Aromatherapy and more. Booth: 205
Dead Sea Cosmetic, Aromatherapy and more.

Mazel S. Products brings you the best dead sea cosmetics products. Natural and organic cosmetics, skincare, body care, face care, anti aging creams and more, all natural and based on secret minerals from the dead sea. We also offer aromatherapy products, and hair straighteners and accessories and many other natural products, as we are also the wholesaler, we offer our products at incredible prices.

Contact: Maor Sinay
Company: Mazel S Products
Phone: 306-880-4472

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Sourcinity : Health and Wellness Therapy Booth: 206
Health and Wellness Therapy

Nathalie is a Registered Reflexologist and a Certified Master practitioner of Reiki.

She is also a distributor of aromatherapy products.

She has a natural gift that she amplified with Reiki Parjina in 2009. She works on behalf of the Angels, Archangel and Ascended Masters.

For the harmony of your being, give yourself a gift of life and receive a treatment. I look forward to seeing you and working with you !

Contact: Nathalie Guindon
Company: Sourcinity
Phone: 306-281-4964

Norwex : ... Booth: 207

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Contact: Loretta Rogoschewsky
Company: Norwex
Phone: 306-539-6568

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Lozman Canada Inc,: ... Booth: 208, 210

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Contact: Lioz Rafaeli
Company: Lozman Canada Inc,
Phone: 204-230-7943

FM's Aromatherapy: Natural Essential Oils, Booth: 209
Natural Essential Oils,

FM's Aromatherapy from India offers a range of Natural essential oils,Dr. Ratans blends for SKIN, HAIR & WELLNESS, CHAKRA ANOINTMENTS, Chakra Wands, rare healing Gems & Crystals, Exotic essential oils like-ROSE Otto, LOTUS- Blue, white, Pink, LOVE potion etc. Also available Dr. Ratan's books on Aromatherapy, Chakra Healing, CD's and Posters. Post Expo healing sessions and workshops also available by appointment.

Contact: Dr. Ravi Ratan
Company: FM's Aromatherapy
Phone: 646-546-6982

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Silver Feather Readings: ... Booth: 211

Candais is an intuitive psychic medium and lightworker.

She does not use cards or other tools of divination but communicates directly with your Spiritual team to receive their messages to help you move further along your life path.

During a psychic reading Candais will first align herself with your energy. Then she will look at and read your aura, relaying to you it's size, shape, colors and what it says about you. During this time she receives messages from your higher self, angels, and spirit guides.

A mediumship reading is all about speaking with people or animals that have passed away. Let messages from your Spiritual team help you live your best life.

Contact: Candais Bakke
Company: Silver Feather Readings
Phone: 306-642-8730

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