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Della Reside: Cellular Consciousness Healing Sunday
1:00 PM
Cellular Consciousness Healing

Della inspires her audience by sharing her groundbreaking work in cellular consciousness that has made a significant impact on many lives. 

Experience her authentic wisdom as she draws from her personal experience and professional education to deliver the messages of empowered self-care. 

Her talks are informative thought provoking and inspirational as she shares true stories of healing, change and transformation. These stories help others understand how emotions, experiences and trauma can get stuck in there energetic field and affect everything they do. 

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Acharya Aman: AMAN Meditation Sunday
2:00 PM
AMAN Meditation

AMAN Meditation, Aman means no-mind in ancient Sanskrit language which is founded by Acharya Aman.The real purpose of meditation in ancient time has been actually to go beyond where mind (thought process, conditioning and other fluctuations of mind) does not exist at all.This stage is known as Sat- Chit- Anand (absolute existence-absolute consciousness-absolute bliss).

AMAN meditation is part of the YOGAJYOTI partnership & training curriculum.
AMAN Meditation transforms someone's life in few days.

Learn it, practice it, repeat it & start teaching it because it gives us regular time and opportunities to work on our body, mind and soul,before we leave this planet.

*YOGAJYOTI LTD is an incorporation registered in BC, Canada and is fully licensed to teach teacher training courses.

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Fatlind Melani, : The Knowledge Book Sunday
2:30 PM
The Knowledge Book

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the World Brotherhood Union Foundation and the Program of The Knowledge Book. This is not a Religion nor is it a book to be worshiped.

This is a Program following the completion of the Program of Religions, put into action by the Creators, to be an assistant and a guide to the Genuine Human Being who desires to Serve Humanity at this Awakening Age. This Program is to Unite Human Consciousnesses separated by Religion and to assist in Awakening those Essences who have incarnated at this time for the purpose of helping our brothers and sisters to Ascension.

The Knowledge Book has been dictated by a technology called the Light-Photon-Cyclone technique, not yet known to our Planet. This technique has the ability to connect the reader to the System of the Divine Plan and their personal Destiny Plan by opening their Channels to their own level of Consciousness. Through this technique the reader’s knowledge of the Cosmos and their place in it, is revealed and the Frequency of the Higher Dimensions are loaded onto their Mind, Body and Essence…healing, strengthening and expanding the Trinity of the Individual, equal and greater to the process of Meditation. In return, that Individual will reflect these healing Energies onto Humanity and ground this Universal Consciousness onto the Planet Earth. This is a Program of Service taken on by those who feel the Command of the Heart.

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Hubbard Dianetics Foundation: Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health Sunday
3:00 PM
Dianetics The Modern Science of Mental Health

Find out what is the source of your self-doubts and irrationality. Discover how you can increase your self confidence and realize your full potential.Come to this lecture and find out how you can apply Dianetics to your life and reap the benefits.

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Maureen Edwardson: Wake Up Your Magical Self! Sunday
3:30 PM
Wake Up Your Magical Self!

Experience a very practical ‘how to’ application of the universal, scientific principles of Inner Resonance Technologies that effortlessly and automatically clear the way to birth new realities, most often instantly!

Heal from incurable diseases, harmonize otherwise hopeless relationships and situations, know your gifts, be successful doing what you love and love your self!

Contribute your gifts to new solutions globally, bridging humanity into new paradigms of collaborative, so-creative ventures, for our continued wellbeing and the evolution of our species.

Empower yourself to be fully, wholly and confidently your unique self, free of limiting programs, clear and able to contribute your personal gifts and talents where inspired.

We are all needed to fully show up in these times of great challenge and opportunity. Greatest of all, each of us has the unconditional birthright to be healthy, happy and fulfilled!

Take away a ‘Switch of Wholeness’!self programmed into a ‘Touch Breath’ for ongoing daily evolution to your greater and greater expression of Your Magical Self!!!

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Jeffrey Armstrong: The Alchemy of Relationships understanding the tantra of your male & female planets Sunday
4:00 PM
The Alchemy of Relationships understanding the tantra of your male & female planets

Featured Workshop - 2 Hrs

Join Author, Vedic Astrologer and scholar and teacher of Eastern wisdom Jeffrey Armstrong for "The Alchemy of Relationships" and discover the tantra of your male & female planets.

Cost: $35.00

 |  Visit Website

Sacred Fire Music & Julie Blue: Unite – Alchemy Sunday
7:00 PM
Unite – Alchemy

Experience transformation... experience transcendence... experience ALCHEMY! A powerful fusion of mystical, mesmerizing, live worldbeat drumming, heart-expanding intuitive singing, & a harmonic choir of united voices. “THE ALCHEMY OF SOUND” is an interactive drum & vocal journey led by Sacred Fire Music. "THE ALCHEMY OF VOICE” is a participation based vocal weaving experience led by Julie Blue.

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