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Terms of Exhibiting


Exhibitor Agreement & Terms of Service
This will confirm the agreement of all persons, organizations or institutions that exhibit, herein after referred to as the exhibitor, in the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, herein after referred to as the expo. It is hereby agreed that the exhibitor will abide by the rules an regulations set forth in this agreement. These term, as being publicly published and available, are considered legal binding and the acceptance of an any application or request to exhibit by or on behalf of the expo shall constitute a contract.

1) The exhibitor(s) agree to pay all contracted and requested services to the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, and it’s suppliers, and to protect, indemnify and hold harmless the expo and any venue in which the expo shall take place, it’s employees and agents from any claims, losses, and damages to persons or property, government fees or fines, expenses and attorneys’ fees arising out of or caused by the exhibitor, outside contractor installations, removal, maintenance, occupancy or use of the exhibition or venue premises or any part thereof financially or otherwise made by any individual or entity.

2) Failure to comply with any of the terms of this contract will result in the exhibitor and/or the exhibitor’s staff being ejected and removed from the expo and forfeiture of the exhibitor space without any monetary refund upon the expo’s discretion.

3) Refund & Cancellation Policy: All deposits and booth payments are non-refundable, and it is the exhibitor’s responsibility to assure that they have obtained appropriate insurance to cover any unexpected occurrences that may affect their ability to attend! All cancellations must be in writing and faxed or mailed to our office. Cancellations more than 90 days before the event are required to pay 50% of total charges. Cancellations 90 days or fewer before the event are required to pay 100% of total charges and any administrative costs associated with their cancellation.

All cancellations once accepted are firm, and the show management is under no obligation to rescind cancellations or carry over deposits or payments to subsequent events.

If the Body Soul & Spirit Expo chooses to cancel an event, any refunds may be held as a credit on the exhibitor account or refunded within 90 days of cancellation.

4) Your space or booth is non-transferable, and once assigned may not be resold, shared, reassigned or changed to a different company, product or service other than indicated on the exhibitor registration without authorization and written consent of the show management. All booths representing more than one company, product line, or business are subject to additional fees as indicated on the booth registration page.

5) The expo reserves the right to fully determine the eligibility of any company, person, product and/or service in the exhibit area. The exhibitor shall bear all liability where the venue, customs or other offices determine that their product or service is not permitted at the Expo. Exhibitors are required to disclose all products and services on exhibitor registration form (under step one: general information).

5b) Exclusivity Policy: The show reserves the right to limit “brand specific” products to one exhibitor to show, this ONLY applies to specific products distributed by independent representative of the same company! The Expo may require a that the company be required to book a minimum booth size (e.g. double booth) as well as charge an  additional “exclusivity” fee of $200.00 will be added to the booth cost to insure exclusivity of such exhibitors.

6) The venue may provide overnight security for the exhibit hall, but assumes no liability for theft or loss of any kind. Insurance to cover all losses, including but not limited property or injury shall be the sole responsibility of the exhibitor.

7) All product sales & services, sessions, promotions and placement of products must be confined to the exhibitor’s booth and areas designated by the expo management and will be limited to those specified on the exhibitor registration.

8) The Expo will provide a draped exhibitor booth with a 8’ back drape wall and 3’-4’ side wall(s). All additional service and furnishings are the responsibility of the exhibitor. Additional set up must be ordered from the official display company, and orders must be placed one week prior in order to assure availability. We post a list of suppliers at the bottom of the online registration page for each city.

9)Two Exhibitor Pass is provided for each exhibitor space, with additional passes available at $10.00 (valid for entire weekend). This are solely issued for the purpose of providing entry for staff and exhibitors during show hour and are kept at the front registration desk until signed for. To be valid, exhibitor wristband must be properly affixed (not able to slip over the hand) not be removed for the entire weekend, visible to security and expo staff. Cut and / or reattached bands are void! In addition, the wearer must also be “signed in” on the staff list at the front registration desk, re-attaching cut wristbands renders the wristband void

9a)The exhibitor hereby agrees to provide all names of staff prior to arrival (form at, and accepts responsibility for any additional wristbands issued. Any damaged or lost passes will only be replaced at a cost of $10.00 each for those on the staff list, and only with Valid Photo I.D. Any person presenting themselves at the expo as staff that is not included on the staff list WILL NOT be granted entry, and will be required to pay full admission. Each person will be required to know the booth number and name of exhibiting company to pick up wristbands. Failure to provide the information above or names for a staff list for your exhibit space in the time allotted will result in the requirement of payment of admission at the door. Passes are Non-Transferable, and any attempt to do so is considered theft of services.

10) Exhibitors hereby agree to observe and adhere to all provincial and city bylaws pertaining to but not limited to fire, health, safety, & food handling, and accept sole responsibility for any fines expenses or loss of revenue due to any violation of these laws, or failure to meet any requirements by such agencies.

11) Exhibitors agree to be solely responsible in acquiring all permits and licenses required for the sale and/or promotion of their products and/or services and must have any necessary permits and licenses in place for the entire duration of the Expo.

12) In event of outside causes that prevent the Expo from taking place or forces the Expo to change locations or dates the management reserves the right to retain exhibitor payments as is reasonable to cover incurred costs associated with the expo. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to obtain adequate insurance to cover any such losses.

13) All exhibitors and exhibitors’ staff agrees to conduct themselves in a peaceful, cooperative and harmonious manner as is appropriate to the integrity of patrons, fellow exhibitors, show management and the venue staff.

14) The Show Hours (for public attendance) are Friday 3 PM - 9 PM, Saturday 10 AM -8 PM and Sunday 11 AM - 6 PM. Each exhibitor is required to keep at least one attendant in their booth during all show hours. There is absolutely no moving out allowed prior to the official end of the show unless agreed upon by the expo management. This clause will be strictly enforced; failure to comply will result in a fine of up to $450 per occurrence.

15) The Expo reserves the right to move or relocate an exhibitor’s booth, or modify the show floor plan for the betterment of the show.

16) Booth prices are discounted as set out in the payment schedule of the exhibitor package, failure to meet with payment deadlines may result in the full, non-discounted price being due and payable upon the expo administration’s discretion.

17) The expo reserves the right to change the booth cost on any un-contracted booths without notice.

18) A minimum 50% deposit and a signed contract is required to secure any discount offers and reserve your space. Your final payment is due no later than30 days prior to the event!

19) All certified cheques and money orders are to be made payable to The Body Soul & Spirit Expo. All uncertified cheques received will be returned for certification. All receipts for payments will be provided after the opening of the exhibition. Accepted forms of payments are Visa, MasterCard, American Express, certified cheques, money orders, and Interac Email Money Transfers. Credit Card Payments will be charged a 3% merchant processing fee.

20) Balances must be received no later than 30 day prior to opening, or your exhibitor space may be cancelled upon the discretion of the show management. All bookings not paid in full by this date are required to pay the non-discounted price in full. All outstanding or overdue payment will be subject to a 3% per month financial charge, and all cost incurred for collection of such accounts.

21) Setup will commence no earlier than 10:30 am on the Friday opening date of the show. Exhibitors must be set up by 2:45 pm Friday or their space may be forfeited and reassigned or resold without refund.

22) The Expo shall have full power to interpret and/or amend these Rules and Regulations, and the expo shall be accepted as final authority in any dispute with the Exhibitor



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