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The Spirit of Aloha Workshop Hawaiian Huna Chant, Energy Work & Mediation


Calgary (Only)
Saturday September 18
11:00 AM - 1:00PM


The Spirit of Aloha workshop is a fun and empowering introduction to Kahililani Rainbow Huna.

It will include the fascinating story of David's mystical relationship with his teacher, Kahuna Lanakilakeikiahiali'i and, the divination and development of the Rainbow Huna system.

During this workshop David will teach The Ha Breath of Life and Kala Energy Clearing. Additionally, he will initiate participants to their Huna Higher Self through sacred chanting, prayer and meditation. We welcome you to join us for an entertaining, active and interactive workshop with Kawika

David. Hang Loose. Pass the Magic, Surf the Wave
Kawika David - Kahu Huna Kahililani

About Kawika David
The Spirit of the Rainbow
Trainer, Author, Teacher

As a leader of light and a promoter of extraordinary consciousness, Kawika David's expertise is in the demystification of light. His focus has been to simplify complex spiritual systems, to save students years of study and practice. In short, to demystify magic.

First and foremost, David is a Kahu Huna, a teacher of the sacred spiritual teachings of Hawaiian Huna. Over a 12 year period he had the incredible experience of being a student leader and teacher in the lineage of Kahuna Lanakilakeikiahiali'i, The Victorious Light, Uncle George Naope. In 2005 he was entitled as Kahu Kahililani, The Spirit of the Rainbow.

Since that time David has divined a new and unique system of Huna, entitled Kahililani Rainbow Huna and The Trinity of Extraordinary Consciousness. David is the Author of The Spirit of Aloha, The Wave of Light and the soon to be released, Kahililani Rainbow Huna.

Behind the scenes David is a dedicated and devout Buddhist who has had the good fortune to be in the lineage of the venerable Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche, world renowned as the Guru of motivation and teacher of the Goddess Red Tara of compassion. David is a bodhisattva who has chosen the greater path of Buddhism and is committed to benevolence, contribution and service. As an entitled Buddhist, Pema Chimed, The Immortal Lotus, has chosen to fulfill his vows through the heart centered consciousness of aloha, The Spirit of Aloha.

Kawika David has written the following books



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The Spirit of Aloha Workshop $45.00 

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