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CHAKRA HEALING: With Mudras, Meditation & Paranayama (breath work) 


A Evening Workshop at the Body Soul Spirit Expo

with Dr. Ravi Ratan Sharma of India


Saturday April 20th
12:45PM - 2:45PM
Workshop Rm #1




"An EXTRAORDINARY Opportunity to Accelerate your Path to Healing, Well-Being and Enlightenment using techniques perfected for over 5000 Years by the Sages of India!"

-  New Life Times

CHAKRA HEALING with Mudras, Meditation
& Paranayama (breath work)

Chakras, our energy centers, can get imbalanced by negative thoughts, mental or emotional stress; all these affect us at physical and physiological level. Amongst the various healing tools available to us, Breathwork, Mudras and Meditation can easily be incorporated in daily life..

According to
YOGA by regulating the breath you can regulate body's physiology and avoid many diseases. MUDRAS are body & finger postures used for thousands of years to rejuvenate and help restore balance of five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Air & Ether. The imbalance of the five elements causes Dosha imbalances leading to diseases in physical body. Hand Mudras provide energy to the body which helps in the purification process and keeps the body healthy.

MEDITATION is described as highest spiritual practice and helps to balance all our energies. Mediation on Chakras incorporates all that is recommended in Patajanli’s Ashthang Yoga- Pratyahara (withdrawal of senses), Dharna (fixation of mind) and then Dhyana (Meditation).

About Dr. Ravi Ratan

Dr. Ravi Ratan, a renowned clinical Aromatherapist and HEALER comes from a lineage of  healers and spiritual practitioners in India. He is the author of "HANDBOOK OF AROMATHERAPY" and co author of "'JOURNEY THROUGH CHAKRA". He visits US, Canada, UK, UAE & Australia prompting his healing modalities .He is also an  approved provider of CEUs (by NCBTMB, USA) for Aromatherapy, Massages with MLD and CHAKRA Healing, through training workshops. He incorporates Aromatherapy, Body work with MLD, Emotional release work with CHAKRA/ Spiritual healing in his healing practices.

Dr. Ravi Ratan also wrote the following Bestselling Books


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KARMA CLEARING: Effects of Karma, Spiritual practices and benefits. CAD45.00 each

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