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Avatar Galactivation
Unveiling the Spirit Within

With Indigo Child

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Unveiling the Spirit Within: Avatar Galactivation

Sunday Oct. 26, 2014
11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
Workshop Room #1
Body Soul & Spirit Expo
Vancouver (PNE Forum)

Early Price $45
Regular price $60.00
SAVE $15.00
(until August 26, 2014)


Are You Ready to Shift?
A Transformative Activation
Channeled by Indigo StarChild


Unveiling the Spirit Within: Avatar Galactivation is a transformational journey of multidimensional healing, activation and alignment within the morphogenetic, epigenetic, cellular and DNA levels according to our Highest Benefit.

In this ceremony we utilize guided visualization, breath work, sound vibration and hands on healing, amplified within the group collective experience, to journey from the Heart of Mama Gaia through the Chakras to the Great Central Sun and back, releasing outdated programs and breathing in new codes, to activate the Higher Heart.

The Higher Heart is the Center of Unconditional Love and Forgiveness through which we unlock our Palm and Sole Chakras, Heaven and Earth Vortices, Archetypal Wings, Merkabah and 12 Strand DNA Torpid. Once Activated, we have the potential to use our energetics and the power of forgiveness to cleanse and heal our lineages throughout all timelines of all incarnations and dimensions.

Once complete we are invited to go deep and with the help of our subconscious we bring our inner children into a place of love and safety, reprogramming our experience with the graceful forgiveness and release of all those who have harmed us either consciously or unconsciously.

We then move from our past to create a Quantum Timeline Trajectory from where we are in this now to our highest vision of self and move from there into a Divine Self Interfacing and Integration. We close the ceremony with a Scalar Wave Creation and Tapping to anchor the experience into our Heart Center.


“Thank you SO Much for this whole experience... It feels like my life has been rebooted and started anew, without the viruses and Trojans that had made it into my body/mind making me live a "lesser" more tense life….. I couldn't stop smiling... the world was brighter, warmer and happier then ever. The Colors Were Brighter, my muscles were softer and more relaxed, and my smile, by now, felt as permanent as my nose... I can tell you for sure, this was the most Powerful and actually worthwhile and Working way to do this, to actually release your old programs, your old stuckness, your energy blocks, your mental blocks, manifesting problems, self doubt, all that nonsense flushes out of your body as you peacefully (and in my case mostly happily) let go of all that that is not you. And then you feel how light you are when you are only you, Light. Then out of that light you create your Avatar, your higher selves ideal manifestation on this planet. And it Works ! I have been meeting Exactly all the people that I have needed and my timing and everything in my life has been turned the right side up since I did this. Where before my timing was always a little of, and id always Just miss, the bus, or my friend or that big Party. Now im always Right on time with the Universe.
Thank You SO MUCH Sarakeylah

P.S. I have tried ALOT of these new age inspired Let go of your traumas and Realize
your own godhood workshops, they never Really work. This one Does”
Jonas, Santa Barbara, California

“Sarakeylah is super amazing and I will have to share with all that she is a splendid accelerator and catalyst to bringing about information in the field ♥ Thank you for facilitating a much needed release, transformation of grief to awareness, and transmutation of past karmic occurrences and beings of in self into conscious positive spirit guides for my procession forward here on mama gaia and beyond|”
Gillian, Vancouver, BC

“It Changed me. I will never be the same again.” Byron, Vancouver, BC

About Sarakeylah

Sarakeylah has been pondering and unraveling the mysteries of the universe since she was a small child. With no elders to guide her she quickly learned the value of Meditation, Stream of Consciousness Writing and listening to the voices of Nature and the Universe.

After the Shadow Walk of her late teens and early 20’s she was called to her Healer’s Path in 2009. In 2010 Sarakeylah prayed, asking the Universe what she could do to help bring the world into a Higher Vibration. Her Guides informed her she was to create a Divine Self Connection workshop.

Using Stream of Consciousness Writing and Meditation she called in the beginning pieces of Unveiling the Spirit Within and started sharing the Medicine she received at Transformation Festivals in BC. In the Fall of 2011, Sarakeylah received the Gift of a Holographic Vision accompanied by a Rainbow Lightbody Activation while blessing a bottle of Ormus Gold and Quartz Aura Spray.

This took until New Years to fully integrate and put language to the experience to the point that she could facilitate the activation for others. She proceeded to seed both Unveiling the Spirit Within and The Rainbow Lightbody Galactivation separately at Transformational Festivals in BC, Oregon and California throughout 2012. In 2013 she knew the groundwork was laid and it was time to integrate the two and take things to the next level; It was in this way Unveiling the Spirit Within: Avatar Galactivation was born. The Avatar Galactivation has now been thoroughly seeded into the Morphogenetic Field and is waiting to be received!

Sarakeylah also practices as an Integrative Healer with over 15 modalities in her Medicine Bag, is an Energy Artist creating beautiful healing and activating glass art mosaics and jewelry, is writing her story of transformation titled ‘Reclaiming Motherhood’ and is a full time Independent Mama. &
Rainbowings Love Website Coming Soon

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