APS Therapy

APS Therapy™, For a Better Quality of Life

Pain is a thief. It heartlessly steals quality of life from its victims. Conventional pain control methods (drugs), whether they work well, or only "take the edge off", may cause unpleasant or life-altering side effects.

If you, or someone close to you is suffering, or you deal with patients or clients that are dealing with cronic pain, we want to share a remarkable new therapy device! APStherapy.ca exists today because the founders and their families were also dealing with quality of life issues. We first experimentally brought a machine into Canada for personal interest. Our experience helping friends and family led us to an easy conclusion. All Canadians should have access to this technology.

By applying the patented waveform ( Micro DC current), APS Therapy™ has been shown to: -relieve pain -control the emotional aspects of pain -release the bodies own pain killing hormones -increase energy for cell metabolism and injury repair -break down inflammation -increase wound healing speed -improve soft-tissue and bone cell regeneration -increase local blood circulation -increase drainage of waste products and toxins -reduce soft-tissue swelling -increase mobility -limit tissue damage -enhance soft-tissue healing -strengthen the immune system …and of course, when you feel better, you find you have energy for life!

APS Therapy™ products have been used in many parts of the world, including South Africa, Europe, Britain, Australia and New Zealand for a number of years now. Finally, this drugless approach will soon be available in Canada.

Technical explanations and supporting research are available at our booth and on our website. As the science behind this fairly recent discovery is quite complex, we provide a plain English description for those most interested in learning what benefits they can access. Stop by our booth and we will be pleased to share our discovery and experience with you!