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Bio-Energy Therapy

is self-empowerment from dis-ease with life, to life success in every way. It is a personal discovery of your own life purpose in KarmicDNA, and how appropriate life challenges relate to your health. It utilizes self-knowledge as a path to ease of health, and success in every area of life.

While Bio-Energy Therapy has grown from the foundation of a laying-of-hands energy treatment, the principle theorem and potency has grown far beyond a simple treatment intervention into a very different philosophy for health, healing and life success. During the past ten years this has become a most efficient method for discovering, understanding and resolving the real purpose and personal meaning behind disease, disorder and pain within a person’s particular experience of life purpose.

This modality is focused on healing the meaningful causes of disorder-messages in the body that come as pain, depression, and disease. It utilizes a combination of self-empowering spiritual life coaching to resolve the origin of disorder and then bio-energy treatment (energy healing) as a trigger and acceleration of appropriate self-healing and strength, rather than just the use of a physical intervention.

Bio-Energy Therapy is equipped with BioSymBiology to identify and define what the body is really saying about your life in it’s unique language of pain and disorder. Therapy brings a discovery of your KarmicDNA, or personal life purposes and engages how those stressors relate to and challenge your health. Related understanding of the symbolic language of the body lets this therapy suggest ways for you to respond to life with that body-guidance to intervene and appropriately negate the body communication of life dis-ease. Making a purposeful body communication of disease inappropriate removes its purpose to your life and it must withdraw in a spontaneous remission.

As result, Bio-Energy Therapy is more the discovery of meaningful cause for disorder-messages and then the counsel into self-empowered resolve of the causes instead of simple physical intervention in symptoms. Like other physical interventions, bio-energy treatment alone brings successful relief but without the therapeutic resolve of cause it is only a temporary measure. Therefore, the bio-energy treatment is less than one third of a regular session, and treatment is used as acceleration of self-healing after cause resolution, not as the primary intervention. In this way it becomes a most effective Mind-Body Care that most often returns permanent remedy.

Conditions that have shown response from Bio-Energy Therapy include:

  • Chronic Fatigue and Pain,
  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Depression, Stress,
  • Arthritis, Headaches & Migraines,
  • Insomnia, Nervous Disorders,
  • Neck & Shoulder Pain,
  • Sciatica, Back Pain,
  • Menstrual Problems,
  • Irritable Bowel,
  • Immune Disorders,
  • Poor Digestion,
  • Poor Circulation, and Sports Injuries, etc.
 Also accelerates wound healing, mending fractures, fighting infections, reducing tension and symptoms associated with stress.
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