Blue Pearl Astrology and Coaching

Astrology Roadmap Program: Find your unique gifts and talents, your true path, and receive guidance on how to achieve your goals!!  Receive:

  1. An introductory email with information about the main session, instructions for preparation, and a short questionnaire to complete and return.
  2. A one-hour private consultation, either in person or virtually.
  3. A recording of the session.
  4. A follow-up email with important points from the session, and other helpful information.
  5. The opportunity for a further 15 minute call to consolidate learning if needed.


Life Recharge Solution: A 7 Module Online Course To Instill In You The 7 Transformations Needed for a Meaningful and Happier life!

This exciting and transformative program includes:

 8 teaching calls/webinars, 7 practice/coaching calls, 1 optional private reading/coaching session, weekly reflection questions and assignments, many other resources included.

Opportunities to learn and grow in community, in the comfort of home, and in your unique time and fashion.

Lorae has had a passion for many years to help others to move out of stuckness and pain so they can embrace their true purpose and happiness.

Informed decisions, better solutions, powerful remedies, and support make a winning combination!!

Lorae is a practitioner of Vedic Astrology, which comes from the East and is very old, very accurate, and comes with a background of healing remedies for all life areas. In a session, your birth details are entered into a computer program, and your unique chart is generated. From that Lorae can explain your tendencies, gifts and talents, and also your blockages and life lessons. Along the way, sacred remedies are given, and help to make the most of your unique path in life. 

Remember that the planets are living beings, and they all have the agenda of wanting you to get enlightened. They are all on our side, and are the agents of our karma, giving us opportunities to learn and grow.

Lorae also uses many healing, energy psychology, and coaching techniques to guide you to success, including Spiritual Healing, Reiki, EFT, OneBrain, Ho’Oponopono, Meditation, LOA (Law of Attraction), Mantras, Quantum Touch, Tarot, Numerology and Power Numbers, Feminine power, and Yoga.

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