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Let it revitalize you
Let it energize you
Let it stimulate your nerve impulses

Energy is a vital force that is all around us; it runs through us keeping our energies, the chakras and etheric bodies, functioning at optimal speed during times of stress and duress.

It clears blockages of disease, encompassing a natural flow of energy through the systems, to cleanse and restore the body to optimization and in the process it heals deep rooted emotional issues, which leads to tension and disease, thereby lending a hand so the body can rid itself of waste and the mind can regain alignment over the body. Overtime, this energy brings the self-inward as an attempt for self-healing and the mind learns where the body needs the most healing.

The mind follows the body, in an attempt to repair lost or damaged ‘goods’, so to speak. When this practice is done with modalities like reflexology, acupressure, hot and cold stone massages; crystal therapy, oils and incense, the problem becomes self-corrective and our mind gains insight into ourselves, our needs and what our bodies crave for spiritual nutrients. We are a complex machine that needs oiling, repair, food and light for survival and these elements come in the form of an essence for life and living, as a whole of who we are.