Merope's Dream Holistic Health

I assist you to: Profoundly accelerate your healing, awaken your energy body, and increase your awareness. Specializing in balancing and clearing the human ‘energy field’ by combining ancient technologies with modern computers, digital imagery and my knowledge of harmonic frequencies. Access a lifetime of learning and ‘multiverse’ knowledge. Receive genuine caring, honest evaluation, and blessings on your personal journey of awakening. Detoxify your body, decrease pain, and encourage wellness, personal health and energy balance on many levels of your 'being'.

My signature treatments are: Bioresonance Energetic Testing/Balance and Voice Resonance Repatterning (Vo-Cal). Bioresonance is well tested, approved and used in 55 countries worldwide. Using computer technology to detect, measure and restore the body's healthy or unhealthy cell frequencies. Very effective for overall health iprovement; an excellent method of preventative health care! Vo-Cal focuses on the frequencies in your voice allowing you to "see" your trapped emotional experience around specific issues. By engaging and eliminating the chemical memory, this treatment helps to diffuse the energetic charge behind old emotional wounds. This energy medicine has benefits ranging from stress reduction, pain management and emotional release from issues of fear, anger or personal blocks.

I also offer fouteen additional treatments and present workshops on many techniques including dowsing. I am a Dealer for T-Zone Technology Inc. I promote and sell Whole Body Vibration machines. The technology, known as whole body vibration (WBV) is being accepted by major medical, rehabilitation and therapeutic centers in Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia. Professional sport teams have adopted WBV to develop explosive strength and for rehabilitation. Health Spas are offering clients personalized sessions for massage and relaxation and Personal Trainers are using it exclusively for the ultimate whole body strength and toning workout. These machines since late 2007 are now being offered to the general public and I am pleased to present them to my clients.

I am the exclusive dealer in Canada for Slim Spurling's Light Life Tools and I carry some stock in these tools.