Belinda will briefly educate you on the process of interpreting your energetic body system. She will discuss your energy centres, which store and manage our power and your body's energetic information. This energetic information holds and produces energetic impulses that your body gives off. She will show you how to understand these energies and see where you invest your energy.

Your body's energy is in constant communication with everything around you as receive and give out energetic information. This energetic information exchange contains your past, present, interior, and exterior experiences. Every moment of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences are recorded in your body. These energies are linked to our body's cells, organs, and body systems. Belinda will teach you how to find the root cause of your physical, emotional, or spiritual wound. Then she will give you ideas as to how you can heal. 

Let Belinda show you how to become clear on your energetic body system and show you the many ways you can listen to your body for optimal health and wellness. This short, 1-hour lecture gives you a very brief understanding that you can use time and again for clarity, confidence and a new harmonious direction for you and your family. 


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