• Prince George Body Soul & Spirit Expo
    November 30, 2018 - December 2, 2018
    3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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February 8-10, 2019 – Cancelled Due to Lack of Exhibitor Support

Dear visitor,

The Prince George Expo is something we’ve been looking forward to for several years.  After speaking to local holistic practitioners, businesses and organizations over several years, we felt we had enough support to move forward, however, most who assured us that they would gladly support the expo, and book an exhibit space, and presentations, did not.  Despite all our efforts, it seems our show is not possible at this time.  We would invite you to join us at our future expos in other cities.  Edmonton is scheduled for the First Weekend in November for 2019, as well as 2020 through 2025 at the “Hangar” at the Alberta Aviation Museum, and there are plans in the works to return the expo to Grande Prairie, where we’ve held five years of successful events.

Ramada Plaza, (All Ballrooms)
444 George St., Prince George, BC

Friday 3pm-9pm
Saturday 10am-7pm
Sunday 11am-6pm

Exhibitor Information: see Exhibitor Registration


444 George St., Prince George, British Columbia, Canada, V2L 1R6

Ladybug Wellness: Reiki, Epicure, Handmade Journals & Crafts
Booth: 100
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The Ladybug Wellness website is your empowerment resource with inspiration and enlightenment to awaken your path, as well as extensive information on the energy balancing services Jackie offers to assist you in your healing journey. Reiki Grand Master and Emotion Code practitioner are just two of the certifications in Jackie's unique collection of modalities which she has used effectively to overcome her own PTSD, and now uses to empower her clients to find their own self-actualization and aspirations. Honeybee Inspirations offers a wide variety of unique, hand-crafted products from books and bookmarks to jewelry, magnets, and more! Honeybee Inspirations collaborates on The Inspir-Write Project which specializes in unique, hand-crafted journals to record your thoughts, memories, and dreams."

Contact: Jackie Rioux
Company: Ladybug Wellness
More Info: Click Here
Website: ladybugwellness.ca/

Native Medicine Man, Soapstone totems
Booth: 109
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Joe Greenland is originally from Aklavik, Northwest Territories where he was raised by his grandfather who was known to Joe as a Medicine Man. His grandfather taught him how to stay connected, to ask questions and always be aware of energy. What some say as being gifted Joe sees as being normal. With Joe’s abilities to see, hear, feel Spirit and sense energy that he uses his abilities and experience to help people who are looking for change in their lives. People who are wanting and willing to let go of old ways and making space for their future growth. Fox Dreamer is centered around Energetic Health and Awareness, offering Energy Clearings for Personal, Home (Real-Estate) and Business, Indigenous Teachings, Soapstone Carving workshops and weekly meditation / Energy focus groups in Penticton.

Contact: Joe Greenland
Company: Fox Dreamer
More Info: Click Here
Website: www.foxdreamer.ca

Kangen Water
Booth: 111
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Change your water change your life! Kangen Water® is delicious water created from Enagic's innovative water technology. Not only do these devices filter your tap water, but they also produce ionized alkaline and acidic waters through electrolysis. These waters can be used for various purposes, including drinking, cooking, beauty, and cleaning. Kangen Water® also contains various minerals, such as calcium, sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Unlike other filtration systems that filter out even helpful minerals, your Enagic® filtration machine will keep these minerals intact. This provides a high-quality water that can be used for many different purposes.

Contact: Raya Leith and the Kangen Divas
Company: Enagic
More Info: Click Here
Website: rayakarin.enagicweb.com/

Imagine Laserworks
Booth: 127
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(Victoria Johnson and Chris Banas) Laser Clinic for Treating Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Weight Loss, Insomnia and More One on One Coaching/Addictions Counselling Certified Herbalist

Contact: Chris Banas and Victoria Johnson
Company: Imagine Laserworks
More Info: Click Here
Website: www.laserfocusedhealth.com

The Butterfly Closet
Booth: 102

Reiki, sound bowl therapy, body tuning vibration.

Contact: Tracy Lee
Company: The Butterfly Closet

Booth: 104

Contact: Pamela Marutt
Company: Tupperware
Website: twpam.com

Booth: 114

Contact: Maria Gould
Company: Dawning Light Healing Arts
Website: mariagould.com

Coaching & Wellness
Booth: 119

Contact: Tammy Skomorowski
Company: The Best Life Network
Website: thebestlifenetwork.com/

Isagenix International
Booth: 120

Isagenix is a system of products designed for healthy weight loss, nutritional cleansing, fitness, and overall wellness. The products are made from a blend of ingredients that are created to optimise your body’s own cleansing processes. Isagenix offers products that can help you reach a multitude of fitness goals. Shakes and snacks - to recalibrate your diet and encourage weight loss, cleanses - for recovery and reinvigoration, and multivitamins - to boost your immune system and overall wellness.

Contact: Daria Rykova
Company: Isagenix International
Website: dariarykova.isagenix.com

Booth: 124

Norwex helps you turn your home into a Safe Haven. Together, we can improve our quality of life for generations to come!

Contact: Janice Gilbert
Company: Norwex
Website: janicegilbert.norwex.biz

Booth: 126

VoxxLife is a privately held technology company devoted to drug-free wellness, optimal health and improved human performance. The company develops innovative technologies to create wellness and performance products that allow people of all walks of life to enjoy an improved quality of life and achieve their true potential. VoxxLife’s HPT, Human Performance Technology, is proprietary, exclusive and scientifically proven in independent testing. HPT reduces pain, increases strength, endurance, increases stability, balance as well enhances range of motion and provides for faster reaction times. VoxxLife realizes that people of all ages and walks of life are focused on wellness and optimal performance. Wellness consumers are looking for products that will enhance their quality of life and are asking for natural, safe solutions for more energy, pain relief and enhanced mobility. People have traditionally relied on products such as pain killers, vitamins, supplements, OTC insoles, custom orthotics and comfortable footwear and apparel to achieve these goals. Pain killers and supplements have potentially devastating side effects, vitamins are inconsistent and expensive while OTC insoles are ineffective and custom orthotics are often unaffordable. More so, none of these products offer safe, instant and consistent results at an affordable price point. Additionally, in the case of professional and amateur athletes, the specter of Performance Enhancing Drugs has seemingly invaded every sport at every level. Athletes want and need safe, natural and legal alternatives to achieve maximum performance. Athletes are also consuming supplements, vitamins, protein powders, compression apparel, and high performance shoes all with the aim of improving their performance. People are investing in training and coaching to reach their peak. Voxx HPT is the safe, natural, and instant wellness and performance solution.

Contact: Vicky Colonna - Swan
Company: VoxxLife
Website: www.facebook.com/voxxlifecomvickyswan-315727625465383/

Heal Your Life Canada
Booth: 127

Contact: Victoria Johnson
Company: Heal Your Life Canada
Website: www.thetraining.ca/

And many more not listed here!

Friday,February 8, 2019
04:30 PM
Victoria Johnson
Saturday,February 9, 2019
11:00 AM
Victoria Johnson
02:30 PM
Tammy Skomorowski

Description Coming soon

Sunday,February 10, 2019
01:30 PM
Victoria Johnson

And many more not listed here!

No Workshops currently listed for this event. Please check back again later