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Maureen Nowicki
cosmosnotions@gmail.com http://www.cosmosnotions.com
North Saanich
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Who am I? Where do I come from philosophically? First, my numerology: I was born February 21st, with a 22/4 life path. I have a wealth of “5” vibrational energy in my name. That “M”, as my “cornerstone”, gives me some leadership abilities. I am a builder, a creative soul, and one who craves change and variety. Throw some compassion into the mix, along with emphasis on Earth and Water. Astrologically, I have the Sun in Pisces and the Moon in Virgo. My background of work experience echoes the vibrations struck by the numbers and planets in my charts. I bring to you the lessons learned from my training and experience in social work, project management, relationship coaching, feng shui consulting, Chakradance facilitating, and aromatherapy. My numerology studies are always on the front burner; I have recently earned a certificate in Native Path Numerology. I also am completing my training in Akashic Records. Here I am today. I feel that coaching in the areas of love, career, abundance, and timing is something that fits well for me. I call myself a “Numerology Navigator”. I have experienced the joys and surprises of numerology in my own life, and here I go with building a full-time career helping others. Thriving on the interactive aspects of blogging, I strive to explore topics in which my readers can understand their own personal numbers and the ways those numbers affect each of us. I put forward my genuine self to navigate with humanity in my interactions through my company CosmosNotions!