Learn the 5 basic principles taught by Dr. Usui, the founder of the Usui Shiki Ryoho Natural Healing, or Traditional Reiki to increase the quantity and quality of healing energy in your life.

Dr. Mikao Usui, originator of what we today call Reiki, introduced five principles or ethics to his students, which were a central part of the traditional teachings of Reiki. Each of these principles represent basic principles for working with energy, and are not only of value to reiki practitioners, but are principles, that when cultivated as part of our life, help dissipate some of the most common patterns of consciousness that impede the flow of energy and allows a greater quality and quantity of it to flow in our life.

As we make these principles and there practice a part of our life, they gradually assist in cultivating a consciousness that allows energy to flow freely, healing all areas of our life, attracting improved circumstances, and allowing us to create a happier, healthier and more conscious life.

In learning Reiki, many students noticed that many aspects of our lives began to change, largely due to the increase flow of chi, or healing energy that was activated through the Reiki Attumements.

This Reiki energy, whether in a reiki session, or during the attumement process (given to students by a Reiki Master as part of their training) begins to clear out blockages to its flow, and often bring up issues that are stopping our progress. This can, for many, result in a physical, emotional and / or spiritual healing crisis to some extent, largely depending on the individual.

In working with Reiki, as energy, Reiki teaches that we need to learn to honour, and show respect for the divinity from which it flows. Often it is when part of us (ego, old conscious patterns, etc.) resists the flow of energy and consciousness (“Rei” refers to “consciousness” and “Ki” refers to energy) that we create discordance that results in the manifestation of illness, challenging life situations, and difficulties.

It is for this reason that Dr. Usui introduced the five “Reiki Ethics”, which help us to develop a consciousness that allow for the flow of energy in our life. These principle are not mean as a judgement, but are a way of cultivating a simpler and gentler way of learning to live life in a way that honours and allows the flow of energy in our lives.

These principles, although part of the Reiki Tradition, can be of benefit to anyone wishing to improve the flow of healing and creative energy in their lives, and creating a more balanced and harmonious life.

These principle of living our lives in such a way as to honour are very simple, but profound, some of them include the following.

If we honour life energy, we learn to respect it through the way we live our lives in recognizing that all life is a precious gift, we begin to respect all life, as well as use our own life energy wisely.

If we honour life energy, we choose work that both serve others, as well as honours us.

If we work at a job that continuously drains our energy, and leaves us feeling worn out, we are disrespectful to life energy.

If we continuously pursue selfish desires, that don´t contribute any- thing of value to our lives, we are disrespecting life energy.

If we are overly conservative of our energy, we show disrespect for the life energy that is given to us.

In living a life that honours and respects this energy, Dr. Usui introduced five different principles for the Student to recite each morning before starting their day, and to review during the day, and before retiring at night. They are as follows…

Just for today, I will live the attitude of gratitude.

Being grateful for all that is provided to us is to be respectful to life energy. The more we express gratitude the easier it becomes to receive more energy.

Everything that comes into our life is an expression of universal energy. If we have an inner attitude that what we are receiving is not sufficient we pr a consciousness of lack, and clog the channels that allow positive energy to flow into our lives.

Our western material consciousness teaches that we must struggle and strive to “make it”, and in doing so waste a incredible amount of energy.

If we live life with an attitude of gratefulness, the frustration of striving disappears, and we begin to recognize and allow the bounty of energy that is all around us, and that we may well have overlooked, to flow into our lives.

If we focus on what we have, and are grateful for it, rather than on feeling frustrated about what we don´t have, we become focused in the now, and we can continue to move forward in our lives. If, however, we are continuously focusing on what we lack, we often paralyze ourselves, and stop our progress.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Worry only occurs when we stop trusting the universe. Everything that happens in our life has a divine purpose, and the divine wisdom is continuously operating in all things.

Worry cuts us of from this continuous flow of creative energy, and we begin again to struggle ourselves rather than allowing the divine energy to flow through our lives.

Worry also takes us out of the present, either to the past, or to the future, and robs us of life in the present.

Just for today, I will not Anger

Anger occurs mostly when we feel out of control, or our personal desires or something that we want is not fulfilled When you experience anger, ask yourself what is it that I want, you´ll usually find an answer.

Anger denies our oneness with all things but placing our desire over what is in our lives. When we get angry we are trying to take control.

Just for Today, I will do my work honestly.

If we respect out connection with life energy, and our oneness, we don´t feel a need take from others what is not rightfully ours, or to be dishonest in order to make a living.

Living the truth means living a life a clarity and simplicity Say what you really mean, be honest about who you are, and how you feel. We waste so much energy trying to conceal things, to wear masks. We boast, put on displays, and strive to prove ourselves. By living honestly, in our work and our expressions, we simplify life, and make it much easier.

Just for Today, I will show Respect for every Living Thing.

When we honour divine life force, we will naturally respect how it is expressed through each and every individual, as well as any other expression of life.

Part of this respect, is honouring the process that they are undergoing, and knowing that divinity is working through them as well.

If we judge or criticize we are make a statement of disrespect for the divinity that is working through that person.

Respecting others also means respecting their freedom of choice, and only offering assistance to those whom request it.


In working with many of my reiki students over the years, I suggest that they commit the ethics to memory, and affirm them every morning.

If you really want to do some deeper work with this principles, commit keeping a diary for a few weeks, and writing how you did every evening before going to bed, as well as any additional insights on how you can make these ethics part of your life.

In reviewing each day, don’t be overly harsh with yourself, remembering the wording “Just for day”, means that you don’t have to focus on how well you did in the past, or how well you are progressing in the future, just focus on now.

Often after a few weeks, you will often find that not only the flow of energy increased, but you will feel much more balanced, and content with life. Many of my Reiki students that tried this would report that their relationships improved, they felt less anxiety, and more clarity and focus in their daily life.

written by Chandler Armstrong