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What Attendees Say

“Totally Awesome and Inspiring!”

The energy in the room is totally awesome and inspiring! I love being able to have a reading or a healing experience at a affordable rate which otherwise would not been possible.I really enjoy the lectures and plan my day in advance, thanks to the lecture schedule!

-Mary P.

“I Love the Atmosphere!”

I love the atmosphere that supports well being and personal development!

-Adrienne M.

“Genuine and Authentic People!”

There are some very genuine and authentic people there with many offerings of service, products, spiritual guidance/angel guidance and advice.

-Kelly T.

What Others Say……

“Your visionary insight into creating events that bring people together to share their insights, offerings, and solutions plays such an important part in awakening that is happening on our planet today!”

-Dr. Michael Ledwith
“What the Bleep Do We Know?”

“We have been attending the Body Soul and Spirit Expo both in Calgary and Edmonton for the past few years.
The events have proved to be successful for future business.”

-Marcel Gour
Lazy M Ranch

“I have exhibited at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo for several years as well as other shows and he Body Soul & Spirit Expo is the best by far for repeat and long term business!”

-Sharlene Fair
Calgary Reflexology & More

“The Body Soul & Spirit Expos are perfect atmosphere for the up and coming entrepreneur that is looking for a great way to expand their business, we found it the perfect mix of people for our hemp nutritional product!”

-MarieAnn Coules

Feedback From Exhibitors
“Make sure to visit all of the wonderful vendors that will be there. There’ll be crystals, there’ll be all kinds of wonderful readers, everything that you could possibly imagine in the spiritual world.”

-Karen T. Hluchan Healing Spirit With Love

“Through the expos, you have a great opportunity, when I’m at the Body Soul Spirit Expo because I have of practitioners with me.”

-Cindy Smith Angel Empowerment Ltd.

“We’re all about empowering people with tools. Crystals are one of my true passions and they’re about enhancing your energy flow, conduit, connection with energy.”

-Jennifer Mueller Friends and Gems Inc.

“And it’s really awesome. The clients that I’ve had, I’ve been really impressed by what they’ve experienced so far.”

-Catherine Myles AEPHealing.com

“We’re a family owned and run business out of Manitoba. Our main intention is to bring natural healing products as well as natural cleansing products to the general populous.”

-Crystal Blue Moon Natural Products

“I help people find their way through transition or difficult times.”

-Jennifer Washington Martha Beck Life Coach

“I worked with a client. She came to me with career issues. She felt really stuck in her career. And what I found in her throat chakra was, she kept escaping, she didn’t want to deal with what was there in the present moment.”

-Della Reside Cellular Consciousness

“We try hard to offer as many different path that we can to in here (healthy body). Everything from meditation, spiritual developement and more”

-Warren The Home OM

“My purpose in the world is to help you open your heart to love and to the experience of love that’s beyond everything.”

-Jenny Hog Ashwell Spiritual Counsellor

“I help people who’ve been derailed by divorce or a powerful life event get back on track to growing love and inner peace in their lives.”

-Sherri Phibbs W.I.S.H. Studio

“Whenever I’m at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo, I do quick live show and do a little me readings and we get to have tons of fun in the audience. It’s an absolute blast.”

-Kjarlune Rae Canada’s Top Clairvoyant

“Alchemy is a huge thing for me. Really delving into how to turn the lead of this human experience into gold is a big focus.”

-Laura Eisenhower Global Alchemist

“Know yourself be peaceful, compassionate. This is the message of love.”

-Acharya Aman
Traditional Indian Verdic Astrology Councelor

“Juice Plus has been around for 25 years making nutraceuticals, so it’s whole food nutrition.These are dried at such low temperatures they’re still considered raw.”

-Anita Pattersen
Juice Plus

“Believing that you’re deserving is a muscle. What I do is I go in and teach people how to reconnect with that energy, reconnect with that light.”

-Crystal Wheeler Metaphysics

“There are a lot of people who are suffering quietly of depression, anxiety, of variety of emotional and mental disorders.”

-Fedor Zelina
Representative , True Hope

“My purpose in the world is to help you open your heart to love and to the experience of love that’s beyond everything.”

Passion Parties By Julie

“There are things about each other we’re supposed to know but mostly we’ve been sending the relationship with only ego and hope but not with knowledge and tools.”

-Jeffrey Armstrong
Dir. VASA-Verdic Academy Science & Arts

“Most people have a hint about what their purpose in life is but they have not a clue on how to go about it.”

-Julie H. Robinson
Angel Institute – Angel Reading

“If it’s not safe to eat, it is not safe to put on your body because skin absorbs everything.”

-Sudhir Shah
Om Botanical



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