A Mix Bag of quick interiews and videos from the Body Soul & Spirit Expos!

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      Marilyn Faye Parne talks about how the Expo helps Holistic Healers build their practice!

      Marilyn Faye Parne, Jin Shin Jitsu healer share how the Body Soul & Spirit Expos are a great place for holistic healing practitioners to connect with highly targeted and responsive people looking for the services she offers!

        A Great Place to Launch your Holistic Business!

        Kathy Dempsey talks about how the Body Soul & Spirit Expo helped her in the launch of her business Amethyst Creations!

          The Body Soul & Spirit Expo - What Is it about to you?

          A 3-minute video of the show including short interviews with some of the people that attend and exhibit at the expo.

            Vibe H2O Talks about how the expo has help them market their products!

            Vibe H2O offers a premium line of Vibrational Healing Products, Gem Elixirs and tools for healers! They talk about how they've been exhibiting for years at the expo, and find it the ideal place to market their products!